1. How can inventory be organized and counted well? Name

1. How can inventory be organized and counted well? Name 2 concepts discussed in the course and explain. (4 pts.)
2. What is a carbon footprint? Name 2 companies that are engaged in reducing carbon footprints. (5 pts.)
3. How can RFID technology help reduce supply chain related costs or increase sales revenues (Give 3 reasons and explanations for 3 pts.)
4. When it comes to location decisions what are 4 important factors that need to be considered at a country level? Please explain them. (4 pts.)
5. Using the factor ratings shown below, determine which location alternative should be chosen on the basis of maximum composite score. Show all composite scores and then choose your decision.  (4 pts.)
6. Consider a firm with a 2019 net income of $20 million, revenue of $50 million and cost of goods sold of $20 million.  If the balance sheet amounts show $2 million of inventory and $500,000 of property, plant & equipment, what is the inventory turnover? (2 pts.)
7. A certain type of computer costs $2,000, and the annual holding cost is 25% of cost. Annual demand is 20,000 units, and the order cost is $150 per order. What is the approximate economic order quantity? (use the simplified EOQ equation, Q*, I gave during lecture) ) (3pts.)
8. For question #7 above, what is the total cost of the policy at the economic order quantity determined. I.e. What is the sum of the holding and ordering cost? (use total cost equation) (3 pts.)
9. It was mentioned during the course of this semester that sustainable development is a key goal for many suppliers these days. Name a company that currently engages in sustainable development and explain a product or service they produce that is considered to be sustainable. Please explain. (4 pts.)
10. What is an offshore factory? Name 3 reasons why North American companies are offshoring and explain. ( 4pts.)
11. What is a planning factor in MRP logic? (2pts.)
12. When doing aggregate planning, if gross requirements are 40, projected on hand inventory is 12, and safety stock is 5, then what is the quantity of the next planned order release? (2 pts.)
13. When doing aggregate planning, what is a level strategy? What type of businesses use it? What are its disadvantages? (4 pts.)
14. We had a number of interesting presentations regarding the impact of Covid-19 on supply chains. Name 2 industries aside from food, tissue papers, and medical/sanitization supplies that were most affected by the covid-19 crisis. Explain how those industries are working to boost or recover their supply chains. (6 pts.)
15. What current technology or software do you think is becoming more important in managing the supply chain? How does the technology help save money or increase revenues? Please explain in detail. (6 pts.) 

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