A review of an environmental film that is called “Poisoned Lives –

Watching an environmental film that is called “Poisoned Lives – Secrets of the chemical industry” from Kanopy. https://miamioh.kanopy.com/video/poisoned-lives For Page1, paraphrase what the movie presented (Paragraph 1) and your opinion of the film’s presentation of the issue (Paragraph 2). Read TWO separate professional reviews of the film, discuss what each review presented and your opinion of the review. For Page 2, summary of professional Review#1 (Paragraph 3) and your opinion of Review#1 (Paragraph 4). For Page 3, write summary of professional Review #2 ( Paragraph 5) and your opinion of your Review #2 (Paragraph 6), and write a conclusion (Paragraph 7) to wrap all thoughts together. Hint: for this assignment the Works Cited page should at least include the film and both reviews, plus any other resources you use. (Find reviews at Rotten Tomatoes or Metacritic or Google the name of the film and the word “review”)

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