According to the article. “The Church of Stop Shopping doesn’t pull

Third Section According to the reading by Vickery, J. and Hunter, L. “Native Americans: Where in Environmental Justice Theory and Research?” And short video on Chief Seattle’s response, what is the unique relationship that Native Americans have with the environment, and why there is a need for environmental justice researchers to apply participatory method in dealing with tribal communities? What are currently the most common toxic extraction types (mining, i.e. iron, tin, copper, zinc, nickel, chrome, manganese, aluminum, lead, gold, silver, salt, potassium, Sulphur, spar, fluorite, asbestos, talc, phosphor, gypsum, titanium) and what negative environmental effects do they have. Give examples of disasters related to these toxic extractions and examples of different ways of resistance to them. Forth Section What incidents/actions described in the video “The Case Against Shell: Landmark Human Rights Trial,” serve as evidences that Shell worked hand in hand with the Nigerian government in human rights violations? How does plastic pollution affect people and animals? How is the issue mentioned in the article by Silas Kpanan’Ayoung Siakor “A voice for the Forest and its Peoples,” pp. 323-325 – related to environmental injustice, and what solutions are proposed? How are people in the Global South affected by air pollution and climate change and why is that an environmental injustice? Fifth Section Why is E-waste an environmental injustice problem and what can be solutions to this problem? What is the link between fast fashion and environmental injustices? What are the solutions to these injustices? According to the article. “The Church of Stop Shopping doesn’t pull punches on its return to New York”, what environmental problems Talen and his “church” address and how

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