Actor vs. Actress

We have been exploring the concept of hero—and heroine. We have considered how gender impacts a heroine—or hero. Interestingly, another word in the English language, this one for one who performs, has two labels: actor and actress. But contemporary performers generally do not distinguish and use “actor,” whether male or female. In this final exam question, then explain why you think contemporary performers (ie women) want to use the label “actor.” Address why they did not decide to use “actress” as the universal label for “performers.” Then explain the different heroes (and heroines) we have encountered across our readings this semester. Show them through textual support and analysis. Define them clearly with textual support. Probably one way to explain them is chronologically. Another might be in their shared or unshared qualities. Another might be through type, using examples across writers to prove that type. Finally conclude with whether you think ‘hero” should be our only choice or if we should continue to have two labels. You might also argue we should use “heroine,” exclusively. (Think about the way we have come to use “actor” to exclusion.)

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