Aegis case study MAN4720

After reading the Aegis case study from our textbook, respond to the following prompts in one to five sentences: Based on the information in the case (and as of the case’s date, 2003) -Do you think the strategic alliances with Honeywell & Rockwell were chosen well (evaluate each individually) and explain why or why not? -This necessitates evaluating the appeal of substitutes to strategic alliances. -Do you think the SA’s with Honeywell & Rockwell were implemented well (evaluate each individually and explain why or why not)?

-Consider Aegis’s overall approach, the particulars of each agreement and the mechanisms for creating value in a strategic alliance (as described in our textbook).

-Evaluate the contract terms for the strategic alliances that the case describes. Were they well drawn to: -Ensure that the financial interests of Aegis its partners will align? -Ensure that the alliances will effectively pursue Aegis’ strategic goals for forming the alliances? -Is there anything missing in the specified terms of each agreement (see the case’s description of contract terms) that could generate fiction between Aegis & its partners in the future (see Table 11.5)

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