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In order to properly conduct evaluation research, it is important to understand the agency and the types and sources of information available from the agency. Please provide an overview of the agency and address the following points to determine what information is available from the agency with which you are currently affiliated. The assignment should be approximately 5 pages, excluding the title and reference pages. Be sure to include a reference page with the websites, manuals, organizational records, and any other material you used/cited to write this paper. A. Provide a brief overview of the agency. Include: a. Agency context: mission, goals, staff and clients relevant for the evaluation purpose. b. What interventions are used with the clients? for single subject design projects OR what programs are provided at the agency? for program evaluation projects B. What evidence does the agency have for the effectiveness of services: What client and service information is currently being collected in this agency? Is the information being collected on standardized forms or measures? a. Examples might be: i. Relevant client background characteristics. ii. Client problem and symptom information. iii. Types and quantity of services provided by the agency to the client. iv. Client satisfaction with agency services. v. Client progress and outcome data on problem, or symptom reduction. C. How often and in what format is information being collected? Who received the information? How does the agency use the information? Is it used for funding sources? Stakeholders? Are changes made to the program because of the information? a. Possible uses of data might include: i. Tallies of units of services for reimbursement purposes. ii. Aggregate data of clients, services, or problem characteristics to monitor program performance. D. What problems do you see in the agency’s current client information system that may affect its usefulness for evaluation purposes? How comprehensive is the system? How accurate (ability to collect reliable and valid information) is the system? What could be done to improve on the existing system? E. How are program goals or treatment goals met? Have there been any prior evaluation efforts in this setting? What form did they take? Were they internally generated or come from an external source? Were they mandated (such as reaccreditation reviews, quality assurance, compliance review for licensing, or managed care NOTE: Only use one direct quote.

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