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As discussed in lecture, most press under the Soviet Union


As discussed in lecture, most press under the Soviet Union and current Russian political climate is controlled by the government.  Find a news article from the Russian news agency TASS regarding the recent Russian invasion of Ukraine.  Then, find an article in the US mainstream media also discussing the war between the two countries.  How is this incident being treated by the each media from the two countries?  Point out the similarities and differences between the Russia state media and the United States free press.  Is one more biassed then the other?  What does this exercise tell you about the human geography of the Russian region?

The submission should be a world document, 12 point Times New Roman Font, half a page double spaced (name and header will not be counted towards text length), do not put a title page, and make sure to cite your sources.  There should be at least two sources, one from TASS and the other from the American news source.  Make sure you are following the APA citations


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