Black box testing: In the black-box test function, the login


Black box testing:

In the black-box test function, the login tester is placed in the middle hacker role, with no internal information of the targeted system. Examiners are not provided with any architectural drawings or source code that are not publicly available. The black box entry test determines the risk to the operating system outside the network.

Gray box testing:

The next step from the black box test is to check the gray box. If the black box tester checks the system from an external perspective, the gray box inspector has access levels and user information, which may have higher privileges in the system. Gray-box pentester usually has some internal network information, which may include design and build documentation as well as an internal network account.

White box testing:

The white box test comes in a number of different terms, including clear-box, open-box, app and intelligently run tests. It falls on the other side of the spectrum from the black box test: entry inspectors are given full access to source code, architectural documentation and more. A major challenge with white box testing is to evaluate the large amount of data available to identify potentially weak points, which has made it a very time-consuming type of entry test.

Tiger Box Testing:

This hacking is usually done on a laptop with a collection of OS and hacking tools. This inspection helps the entry inspectors and security inspectors to conduct a risk and attack assessment.

THE QUESTION –> Find any real case and mention it by link and snapshot for each one?

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