Consider you are working in a clinic and need to order a preventive screening on a patient for BREAST CANCER screening. (While this is a preventative measure, it also can be a diagnostic tool in other circumstances. For this Assignment the screening is a secondary prevention measure.) Please select one screening. Your screening methodology must come from the the United States Preventive Services Task Force guidelines. Below is the link Explain the guideline, the correct application of the screening, and the epidemiology behind the guidance. Content required should include epidemiologic data such as statistical information as available ex. morbidity, mortality, incidence and prevalence of condition. Identify risk factors, risk assessment, testing interval, description of the patient population, screening test recommendations and other factors relative to the guideline. Master’s-prepared nurse educators, leaders, nurse practitioners and all specialty nursing fields are contributors to health promotion in populations across the life span. You will demonstrate understanding and correct interpretations of preventive screening guidelines. You should be able to apply this knowledge to your specialty focus as it relates to health promotion and epidemiology (Family Nurse Practitioner) The following must be listed —— Condition and type of screening methodology is clearly defined. ——- Epidemiology of condition is well addressed; comprehensive and appropriately (BREAST CANCER EPIDEMIOLOGY) ——– Methodology is properly applied to a specific population addressing risks and related factors (Apply to specific population) United States Preventive Services Task Force guidelines are identified correctly and are relevant to the screening methodology (SEE LINK FOR THIS SECTION) Provides appropriate literature support, derived from nursing scholarly journals and other social science literature, as evidence for their chosen screening. —-Discussion demonstrates critical analysis of strengths and weaknesses of the chosen screening methodology and guideline support. Provides 4 or more scholarly sources for literature support (Use scholarly journals)


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