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Choose from ONE of the following topics and complete Remember


Choose from ONE of the following topics and complete  Remember to follow the instructions and formatting described.

1)    Should the U.S. government have ordered the internment of Japanese Americans? Does the fear of espionage or sabotage justify depriving American citizens of their rights?


 2)    How did the wartime experiences of African Americans contribute to the drive for greater civil rights after the war?


3)    What common goals did American Indians, gay and lesbian citizens, and women share in their quests for equal rights? How did their agendas differ? What were the differences and similarities in the tactics they used to achieve their aims?


4)    What were some of the long-term effects of the Reagan Revolution and the rise of conservatives?


5)    In what ways has the United States become a more heterogeneous and inclusive place in the twenty-first century? In what ways has it become more homogenous and exclusive?

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