Concepts of Managed Care Discussion Topic A family member is

Concepts of Managed Care 

Discussion Topic

A family member is contemplating enrolling their disabled adult child into your State’s Medicaid Plan, knows that you are taking this course, and wants your thoughts/opinions and advice about the Medicaid program. 

In this week’s DF, based on your knowledge of the Medicaid program, explain the reasons to a family member why enrolling in Medicaid would be an option for your disabled family member. (New York City)

At least 175 words

Chapter 7

 Course Materials :Required Textbooks:Kongstvedt, P., Health Insurance and Managed Care: What They Are and How TheyWork, 5th. Edition. Sudbury, MA: Jones and Bartlett.ISBN- 978-1-284-15209-8 or EBook-ISBN-978-1-284-09487-9 

** This assignment maps to Learning Objectives 1, 2, and 6**

Faces of Medicaid

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