Congress education and Grant Funding Premise: You are a Scientist

Congress education and Grant Funding

Premise: You are a Scientist looking for research funding for your favorite disease.  You need to educate Congress and secure funding for research into your disease.  Unfortunately, the Congress men and woman (your classmates) have never had anatomy & physiology, so they need to be educated first to how the healthy system should function and then educated on your favorite disease.

Directions: Your task is, using your knowledge of anatomy and physiology, design a presentation using power point slides to educate Congress and secure funding for your research.  Remember to address the following points.  Each of the following is worth 20 points.  Minimum presentation time 10 minutes, maximum presentation time 15minutes.  Time your presentation (should be between 12-20 slides)

1. Identify your diseasea. What are the symptoms of your disease?  b. Who does the disease affect?c. Is this disease chronic?2. What normal organ system does your disease affect?a. Explain the anatomy and physiology (how does the normal system work) of the organ system involved (organs/tissues)3. What goes wrong to the organ system when this disease is contracted? (Anatomy and physiology changes)4. What are the risk factors and/or causative agents of your disease?5. What is the impact on society of this disease?a. Social and economic impactb. Is this disease world-wide or located in one area of the world?6. What are the treatments (if any) for this disease?a. Are the treatments effective?b. Is the damage irreversible?7. Describe your specific research project you are hoping to get funded?a. State your hypothesis  b. What would be your control group?c. What would be your experimental group?8. Results-Think of what results you would need to:a. What results would support your hypothesis?b. What results would make you reject your hypothesis?  9. Congress (your classmates) have $100,000 to spend.  How much should Congress put toward your research project and why?a. Why should Congress put money toward researching your disease?b. How will the money be used?

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