Criminal Justice System—Social Influence This week’s discussion will continue the

Criminal Justice System—Social Influence

This week’s discussion will continue the theme of social influence on the criminal justice system. For this assignment you will discuss the role of the community and “social control” in corrections.

  • Using the South University Online Library or the Internet, research an example of a restorative justice program and describe it for the class. How does it work? What type of offenders does it involve? Is it effective? What is your opinion of the program? Click here to find articles describing restorative justice programs.
  • What are the aims of restorative justice programs in general? Be sure to emphasize on the victim while answering these questions.
  • Analyze whether restorative justice programs would be more effective for juvenile offenders than for adults.
  • Describe the role that “social control” plays in the restorative justice process.
  • Analyze whether an offender’s community and social network can be more effective than the formal system in “correcting” his or her behavior.

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