Deadpool Diagnosis

Description Abnormal Psychology Movie Assignment For this class, you will complete one assignment which has been divided into three parts; the movie selection, outline and sources, and the final paper. There are numerous movies highlighting the various psychological disorders that we will be discussing this semester. For this assignment, you will select one of those movies and then analyze a main character’s pathology. Please ask for help at any stage of this process and remember that you can turn in additional drafts to me for review prior to the deadlines if you feel like you need the assistance. In your paper, you will be required to use a minimum of one peer reviewed outside source in addition to your textbook to support your assertions. Your final paper should attempt APA formatting (including a references page and in-text citations). All submissions must be typed with size 12 font, double spaced, and have standard margins. Late or improperly formatted submissions will be subject to penalty and all submissions will be made via the Assignment Instructions link on our Canvas site. There are 150 total points available for this assignment and the complete directions and due dates for each component are described below. Part Three: should be 5-6 pages in length and include in-text citations and a “References” page along with meeting the following criteria: Length: 5-6 pages (not including the title or reference pages) Contents: Brief introduction/summary of the movie you selected (1-3 paragraphs) A description or profile of the character that you will be analyzing (include information such as demographics, background, personality attributes, and any other relevant information) Diagnosis of the main character’s disorder and the diagnostic criteria for that diagnosis (create a clinical picture of your character – what are the symptoms required for the diagnosis you made? Is there a differential diagnosis – does it look like they might have some elements of a different disorder but don’t completely meet the criteria?) Provide specific examples/evidence from the movie (describe scenes or events that support your diagnosis and the diagnostic criteria for the disorder) Identify possible causes or contributors to your character’s pathology (if none are identifiable in the film, speculate to the best of your ability) Discuss treatment options and prognosis for your character (which options would be viable and how would you decide on what treatment option to select) Closing remarks and comments on your character, the film, and other relevant information. Note: Some movies will provide their own diagnosis or treatment options with which you may or may not agree. Comment on the accuracy of their diagnosis, accuracy of the portrayal of the specific disorder, and if you would’ve pursued other treatment options. Include a references page and in-text citations (works cited should include your film selection, required outside source, and any other sources you used in the process of writing your paper.

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