Dell versus HP devices

ADVANCE. Assignment 2 Project Network Requirements For this next component, using your project scope document from Assessment 1, create a set of requirements specifications for your selected organization. Complete the following as you create your requirements document: • Identify the components, such as the amount of network devices needed, servers, desktops, printers, and laptops. o Categorize according to purpose. • Include your reasoning for your choice, for example, why you chose Dell versus HP devices. • Create a set of requirements specifications based on the scope and requirements analysis completed in Assessment 1. Use Visio to complete this. • Organize your requirements specifications into a list that includes headings such as an identifier, date, type of requirement, description, source of information, locations, status, and priority.

• Discuss appropriate ethical concerns that must be addressed while gathering requirements for the project. Assignment 3 WAN Network Design For this assessment, create your overall WAN network design for your selected organization. Complete the following: • Use Visio to create a diagram that includes the following: o Display the basic topology for your selected organization. o Diagram your LAN and WAN infrastructure including selected routers, switches, IP address, and routing architecture. • Explain the strategy you will use for IP-address routing for this organization. • Explain whether you will use IP conservation techniques including NAT or CIDR. • Explain how your addressing scheme plays a role in maintaining privacy on a network. • Describe the personal or ethical responsibilities of an individual responsible for defining an organization’s IP-addressing scheme.

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