Does gender matter in a global business negotiation?

Why do you think authors called Part II of their book ‘creative’ process? Elaborate and provide examples from the book.What are some practical techniques of Part II you are going to incorporate in your professional career? Be specific and Elaborate. Pick one option for further research and discussion:Option 1 – Does gender matter in a global business negotiation? Why? Why not? What are some strategies and advice to consider? Support your discussion with three-five (3-5) peer-reviewed articles (UM Library database).Option 2 – Review Part III of the book. Choose one of the negotiation styles* (Indian, Mexican or Chinese) and further research a country-specific negotiation using three-five (3-5) peer-reviewed articles. Present your findings and recommendations on negotiating with your country of choice (India, Mexico or China). * International students, you are welcome to research and present a negotiation style of your home country. *Thematic Class Discussions – Every week you will be participating in an online class discussion of the topic(s) assigned by the professor. Your goal is to research the topic(s) using books, the WSJ, and other sources of your choice and post a summary of your research under weekly Thematic Class Discussions in Canvas.

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