“Durkheim and the Systematic Study of Social Facts” / Beamish.

1. Explain Durkheim’s argument that anomie and egoistic suicides a constant feature in modern society? In other words, what is it about specific social conditions of modernity that creates the social conditions these two types of suicide? One-Page Response

2. Do you think that Durkheim makes a compelling case for why suicide – i.e., the taking of one’s life is social phenomena rather they a psychological one? Explain. One-Page Response “Marx, the Communist Manifesto, and Modernity” / Beamish 3. Explain how the Manifesto is an example of understanding the relationship between structure (i.e., the capitalist structure) and human agency (i.e., the proletariat as a revolutionary force). One-Page Response Max Weber – Questions The Spirit of Capitalism 4. What is Weber’s argument that the spirit of capitalism came from the Protestant ethic? And why did Weber believe the iron cage of rationality was inevitable? Bureaucracy

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