Essay 1: Brave New World in the News

This essay will contain five paragraphs (introduction, three body paragraphs, conclusion) and will be double-spaced. Include a proper MLA heading and title, MLA in-text citations, and a proper Works Cited page. The font style will be Times New Roman and the font size will be 12. The length of the paper will be four (4) pages (double-spaced). The fourth page should be no less than 3/4 of a page. Do not exceed 5 1/4 pages.The due date for this assignment is February 2. The essay is worth 20% of the semester average.


In class we have read the novel Brave New World. This novel has become more popular in recent years due to technological, scientific, and political developments in the United States and abroad. To some degree, the novel has become part of our contemporary culture with references to the novel in a wide range of situations. In fact, a search of major newspapers around the United States reveals thousands of references to the novel’s title regarding everything from consumer goods to popular culture to politics to social and cultural issues. In this essay, you will find three articles via the AACC online library databases (utilize the “National Newspapers & The Sun” database on the library’s web page or other sources (no web sites!) Briefly highlight the main point of the article and then, more importantly, connect it to the novel. You will directly quote from the article in each paragraph and then reflect on the topic’s connection to the example taken from the novel. You will also quote from the novel; therefore, each body paragraph should contain two quotations: one from the article and one from the novel. See my suggested outline below for more clarification.


Introduction Paragraph

Draw the reader’s attention by referencing the broader concerns of technology and science in our lives, or how humans often engage in behaviors without considering the consequences of their actions. More specifically, begin referring to the events and the experiences of the characters in the novel. Include a clear, focused thesis statement at the end of the introduction paragraph. Note: your thesis must not include the titles of all of the article you find. Instead, make it very clear that that current events articles are being utilized as a way to better understand the issues that we find in the novel.

Body Paragraph I

Begin with a topic sentence that mentions the issue that is touched upon by both the article and the novel. Include a quotation from the article and a brief overview of the novel’s main point(s). Additionally, provide some insight into the issue(s) raised by the article. Then, transition to a specific (!) example from the novel that correlates with one or more of the issues in the article. Include a quotation from the text to clarify and/or support your ideas. Offer some analysis reflecting on both the article and the novel together and the way in which the article reflects some of the topics or issues raised by the novel. End with a sentence that reconnects the reader to the topic sentence and/or provides a transition to the next body paragraph.

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