Exercise 7B Postlab Instructions: Below is a list of the


Exercise 7B Postlab


  • Below is a list of the resources that you need to complete the Postlab Assignment for Exercise 7B.
  • The correctness and effort of your work determines your grade on this set of activities. 
  • This assignment should be completed individually.  Any assignments that have been duplicated or plagiarized (in part or in total) will not be accepted.  Because many of you may not have experience with these types of activities, a grading rubric exists for you to use.

Powerpoint Slides: In this part of the Postlab assignment, you continue to build your final presentation for the semester-long Wolbachia project.

  • Your final presentation for this course will include these slides that cover this information.
  • Refer to the Powerpoint “Style Guide” to earn a better grade!

Slide 1: Create a slide that contains an appropriate, descriptive title and a table that summarizes the expected results from your PCR activity.

  • Include an appropriate, descriptive title.
  • Refer to Table 6-4 of Exercise 6 in your lab manual as a guide for what to include (page 207).
  • DO NOT just copy Table 6-4. 
  • DO NOT include all of the information from the table. Evaluate which information in Table 6-4 is appropriate for this part of the assignment.  Any unnecessary information that is included will result in a deduction.
  • Use specimen IDs (do not use generic terms such as sample/unknown #1, #2, etc).
  • Don’t include “?” as expected results for Wolbachia for your insect specimen. You made a prediction based on the literature.  What do you expect based on your prediction?

Slide 2: Create a slide that contains a labelled figure of your gel that you began creating in Part five of Exercise 7B in lab (directions on page 260). To do this, take your gel picture and edit it in Powerpoint to include the following information on the slide for full credit:

  • an appropriate, descriptive title (Hint: Again, “Gel Electrophoresis” is NOT informative!)
  • an enlarged, cropped view of the original gel image, which should fill most of the slide
  • labels for gel lanes, ladder band sizes (including units), insect and Wolbachia gene names and true sizes (including units)
  • type of gel (2% of agarose) and voltage (100V for 45 minutes) used for electrophoresis.

Slide 3: Create a slide that includes the prediction, the evaluation of the prediction, and the relevance of the data to what is already known.

  • Include an appropriate, descriptive title.
  • Answer the question, “Did your data support your prediction or not?”
  • Compare your results to the information that you found about Wolbachia infection in your insect Order in the peer-reviewed literature and in the local collection data (from Exercise 3).

Slide 4: Create a slide that includes a detailed reflection that describes one benefit of your individual experience in this lab course.

  • Include an appropriate, descriptive title.
  • This is your opportunity to provide a thoughtful, unique reflection on your experience working through the Wolbachia project in this course.

Assignment Submission Instructions

Save and name your file

  1. Report your work as information in 4 MS Powerpoint slides. Details on what each of these slides should include can be found above.
  2. Check yourself using the associated rubric (Exercise 7B Postlab Assignment” Folio Rubric).  
  3. You may NOT submit Google Slides or any other software equivalent. If you prepare your slides in Google Slides, be sure to download as a MS Powerpoint file before uploading to the postlab dropbox.
  4. Save your assignment in the appropriate file format as “Exercise7BPostlab” followed by your three initials.  (For example, “Exercise7BPostlabGJD.pptx”)
  5. Upload and Submit your MS Powerpoint file to this dropbox (Exercise 7B Postlab Assignment Folio Dropbox Folder).

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