Getting to know the Opening of the Mouth Ceremony.

 You are a news reporter and this painting was just discovered in Egypt. How/what would you write about it? You are to write a short, 2- page “news report/article” on the following painting. Don’t forget to somehow introduce the artwork you are to write about, i.e. include what it is made of, where/when it was found and a brief description of the piece. Then give a short analysis of it (for example, you can discuss it in regards to how it compares to/contrasts from other paintings from Ancient Egypt, it’s Egyptian artistic conventions, where does this fit in the context of Ancient Egyptian art, or the meaning of the painting). Make sure you have a clear introduction, body and conclusion to your paper. Use TIMES NEW ROMAN 12-point font with 1-inch margins. Cite your sources according to the MLA style guide, INCLUDING in text citations.

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