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The assignment consists of a role play which mirrors a situation and format of presentation similar to real business situations requiring you to practice skills of data collection, critical analysis, creativity, problem solving and persuasive writing: You are an international marketing manager in a global soft drinks company which has recently acquired a small entrepreneurial organization that produces smoothies, that is fruit-and-yoghurt???based beverages with superior flavour, nutritional content and unique packaging. It targets a consumer market of younger, health-conscious, up-market consumers.

The product is currently only marketed in the UK. You have been asked to assess the attractiveness of global expansion of this product into the Chinese market. To facilitate the speedy review of business proposal by senior management in your global organisation, you are required to present your thinking in as brief a form as possible using global marketing plan template (available on Moodle). Only the data that is researched in order to analyse the opportunities that the target market presents needs to be referenced in consistent Harvard style. For the remainder of the document you are asked to use the definitions of terms provided in the template which are commonly used in business.

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