Hazard Identification and Analysis

Assignment: Hazard Identification and Analysis, Emergency managers face immense challenges when responding to a disaster incident. Determining how best to respond and those measures that contribute to community resiliency occurs before the actual disaster response phase. Hazard identification and analysis requires emergency managers to assess the extent of hazards and risk that may naturally exist in a community. Many hazards and risks are intangible, which is the most problematic factor for conducting a risk assessment prior to a potential disaster. How does one safeguard or install provisions against a threat or hazard that eludes detection? These questions guide the framework from which emergency managers must base disaster response and recovery. For this Assignment, conduct a hazard identification and analysis on the community and natural disaster that you selected in Week 2. Then consider how the needs of this community may correspond to the provisions outlined in the community’s response and recovery plan. Think about why this might be important. The Assignment: Building on your Assignment submitted in Week 2, submit a paper on the following: Explain hazards that might be found in the community and any other special considerations that should be noted. Describe any special populations that may be particularly vulnerable to a disaster (e.g., children, the elderly, non-English-speaking citizens)

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