Healthy People 2020 Assignment

2. Healthy People 2020 Assignment | Due: 3/25 | Website Prepare a 5 PAGE APA 6th edition style double-spaced paper that summarizes what Healthy People 2020 is, and what its goals are in your own words.

• Explain how many topics there are and select one topic area of interest. • Include the name of the topic, why you chose it, and provide three background points found on the web describing who is affected by the problem and other information on the topic.

• Describe the main goal of the topic you have chosen, and some steps being taken to improve the outcomes of this topic. • Finally, say what you learned, describe how helpful this website is and add your ideas for the future. • Grade will be given, according to the rubric. • Organize your work carefully and provide references at the end. No late papers or emailed papers will be acceptable.

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