HLS170 Threat Group

HLS170 Threat Group Profile its a profile research about any terrorist group you choose and my choice is the terrorist group (ISIS) Stands for ( The islamic state of iraq and syria )I need it for 500-1000 words and please don’t use Wikipedia as a reference I will send a file that has the info you must use to make the research use the references in the file sent to you, but please if you didn’t find the answers of the questions in the file attached file your free to search for answers on your own , thank you. Intentions: What does the group want to accomplish (ideology)? Does it post a threat to the UAE ( United Arab Emirates ) Capabilities: How many members does the group have? What types of weapons does it have Where do the members come from? How are they radicalized? What is the groups Method of Operations (MO): Ambushes, arsons, bombings, hijackings Opportunities: Can the group access the UAE? Can they win?

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