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How do notions of quality change from the 1980s to the present

Please pick any two of the questions below to answer in a formal essay of no more than 4 pages each (including work cited page). The essay should include academic references and works cited page. Each essay must have a thesis statement, supporting evidence (textual analysis and quotes from academic/critical articles) and a conclusions. Other requirements are 1” Margins, 12 pt. Times New Roman and label each essay with the chosen question at the top of the page.

Work cited (academic) source one for each topic 1/ Relate 2nd-4th wave Feminism with three series from 3 different era. (Not limited to shows screened in class). Be sure to socio-historically contextualize each series and each wave. 2/ How do notions of quality change from the 1980s to the present. Please incorporate technological advancements, aesthetic and narrative development, as well as key elements of quality.

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