Human Resources in Schools

Topic Human Resources in Schools 

1. Discuss principles of a total compensation program for your school district. Explain five key elements of your compensation program that will allow your district to garner the best possible employees. In your essay, consider the following: Why should the school district follow your recommendations? What would be involved in deploying your plan? How will you pay for your plan in a time of tight budgets? (500 words)

2. Explain how your district can create a culture of risk awareness and reduction. (Be sure that you relate your discussion to the topic of school violence). Discuss five actions that could be taken to accomplish your goals. Be sure to explain the responsibilities of both the district and of the teachers/employees. (500 words) 3. Devise an employee relations program that will fit the needs of your district as well as of the persons employed in your district. Discuss basic principles and show how these principles will require responsibility on the part of both the district leadership and employees. Discuss also the critical importance of communication. (500 words)

4. Discuss at least three key modifications in your district that will contribute to the creation of a high performance work system. Explain the advantages and disadvantages as well as the challenges that must be overcome in order to implement a high-performance work system in your district.

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