I am in favor of community policing because it builds

I am in favor of community policing because it builds better working relationships with the communities.—Vincent Frank, former chief of police

For this discussion, you will need to find one current article or video (from the last three years) about how criminal justice professionals are bridging the gap with their community. You can start your search by exploring the Discover Policing website for an article or video. You may also want to explore the “In the News” section of the National Initiative for Building Community Trust and Justice website to choose a topic interesting to you. Make sure to include an appropriate APA citation at the end of your initial post.

Take a position. Do you agree or disagree that the technique described in your article will bridge the gap between the police and community? Why or why not?

  • For your initial post, summarize the article and explain how the gap is being bridged.

In your responses to two of your peers, consider how the action described in their article might be perceived by the community. Write your response from the viewpoint of the community and include the following:

  • Do you think this action might help break down stereotypes about criminal justice professionals?
  • Do you think this action might move toward bridging the gap?

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