Interview with Child Protective Services


Conduct an interview with a Child Protective Services caseworker from Nassay County Department of Social Services. The interview should be conducted with questions that elicit information how a Child Protective Services (CPS) caseworker should prepare to interview and conduct an CPS investigative interview with a child of 10 who is an alleged victim of child abuse and/or neglect, including but not limited to how to assess the child’s developmental ability and understanding of the differences between truth and a lie, how to build rapport with the child, how to approach the topic of concern, how to move through each stage of the interview and how to close the interview. Based on the interview and content from the two course texts, the student will develop a 10 page paper that describes how the CPS caseworker prepares to interview and conducts an interview with a child of 10 The paper should also address how the interviewer would communicate a positive attitude, avoid biased thinking, observe and interpret body language as well as verbal content, evaluate interviewee’s willingness/ability to be truthful, build rapport, select the location for the interview and move through each phase of the interview. Each written assignment will include citations from the two course texts using the APA citation format.

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