Introduction: A key task of knowledge management is finding ways


Introduction: A key task of knowledge management is finding ways to capture and create knowledge. At times in your professional pursuits you might be tasked with capturing knowledge from someone else on a topic that you are not knowledgeable about. In this respect we would work with a Subject Matter Expert (SME). These are critical  are resources that provide the expertise needed when trying to capture knowledge.

Scenario: You are working as an employee at a hospital. Hospitals are critical for knowledge management/learning initiatives for employees on many different healthcare topics. You are tasked with capturing knowledge to introduce newly hired nurses on the proper policies and procedures on caring for patients in the hospital. Using the SECI model write out a 3 page paper that details your strategy for capturing knowledge for the hospital. You can write out this paper anyway you choose, but make sure to address each of the four steps of the model.


 Socialization: Process of sharing knowledge through social and observation is explained. (20 points)

 Externalization: Process of making tacit knowledge explicit is explained . (20 points)

 Combination: Organizing and integrating knowledge. Collection of explicit knowledge is generated. Paper explains process . (20 points)

 Internalization: Knowledge is applied and used in practical situations. Paper explains process. (20 points)

 Mechanics: APA formatting, grammar, and all references are cited . (20 points)

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