Make an argument that one type of musical sound motif functions in a

Paper # 2: Classical Narrative Sound and MusicUndergraduate/MFA Film: 5 pgs. double-spacedMA Graduate: 5 – 7 pgs. double-spacedDue: In class, March 15 Directions: Choose any classical Hollywood narrative film. Make an argument that one type of musical sound motif functions in a particular way in relation to the sound design of the film and ultimately to the narrative. Show how the musical element contributes to overall meaning on the first level by reinforcing narrative ideas and on the second level helping to deliver overall meaning (ideological analysis). Read: Bordwell & Thompson Film Art chapt. on narrative (required)1. Thesis: How does musical sound work/not work to reinforce a narrative idea? 2. Describe sound design, for instance:a. sounds present, sound mix b. sound as related to imagec. sound source (diegetic or non-diegetic space)d. time of sound relative to story action (displaced diegetic)3. Describe cinematic style, condense narrative cause & effect into 1 statement4. Conclusion: Restate thesis Format Specifications. For all papers: 12 pt., double space, indent, no space between paragraphs, number pgs; give paper a title MLA style in-text citation; Bibliography as Works Cited at end (end notes optional)(syllabus bibliography is model for films and articles, books) Filmography at end, format: The Sacrifice (Andrei Tarkovsky, U.S.S.R., 1986) Very Basic Music Analysis terminology:  Largo – slowly Allegro – fast Pianissimo – soft Fortissimo – loud Pizzicato – plucked strings Sforzando – stinger Timbre – tonal color Harmony – coordination of notes Tonal harmony – prefers consonant to dissonant  Rhythm – time Beat – the unit Tempo – pace

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