Marketing in global context

You work for a uk medium-sized consultancy company which specialises in INTERNATIONAL marketing research and STRATEGY development. your company has just been warded a contract by (MARKS & SPENCER or GLENFARCLAS) to undertake an international marketing project. As well as being financially rewarding the successful execution of the works as contracted would enhance your company”s reputation in the UK and internationally as a credible consultancy company.

You are been tasked by your company to be the lead consultant. Your remit is to help your client company to first carry out a MARKET ANALYSIS to identify a new international market with good potential (TASK 1) and then to produce a MEDIUM-TERM INTERNATIONAL MARKETING STRATEGY based on the findings of your analysis, for entry into this new international market (Task 2) 3000 words 

Assignment 1 *A POWER- POINT PRESENTATION 20 SLIDES max. in total; each slide will be supported by a written commentary in the NOTES SECTION of the PPT SLIDES, total the reader through the content of the slide. Total word limit of the task is 1500. it should provide details on; *An INTRODUCTION to the PRESENTATION. *Selection and creation of the RELEVANT CRITERIA’S to help you apply the ROUGH MARKET SCREENING and RANKING of the market frameworks. You are required to analyse and justify your choice of those criteria”s with support of DATA AND THEORY. *A “ROUGH MARKET SCREENING’ and RANKING of potential markets which will lead to the selection of ONE market. To select a suitable overseas country-market, you must conduct a MARKET SCREENING of a selected global region using all necessary SECONDARY SOURCES. You apply the appropriate concepts to help you to systematically carry out market screening of countries within this global region, in order for you to identify and demonstrate which country-market is the best for your organisation. You need to JUSTFY your selection of screening criteria and also why the other countries are, at least in the foreseeable future, not suitable for your company. 

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