Massage Therapy effects on a single patient with Fibromyalgia


 Research proposal added to my paper. Will include the marking rubric on what i need and my original proposal and the what I would like you to add to it aswell as what you think needs to be added. I will add a Research paper here from another student in my class on how massage therapy can affect Shin splints. Not sure if this helps but thought it might give you a better idea on how the paper should sort of look. Patient improved and had less pain and better sleep if she came for a massage at least every week or every other week. If she missed a few weeks then the pain would be worse again. Fiqr score improved throughout the sessions of her being treated. Please add what some limitations would be There a several limitations to this study. Prior acquaintance of the case study to the researcher could affect the client’s accuracy in relating post treatment feelings of pain or ADL’s. Also, the case study has a high stress lifestyle and several other health conditions that may be contributing factors to her pain and may affect the accuracy of the outcome measures used.  

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