Medicare and Health Insurance

Use MLA8 for the entire presentation as well as the works cited page. You can construct a PK (Pecha Kucha) slide show. This is presentation that has 20 images that express an idea/part of an idea for 20 sections each. For this project, you would use 20 quotations (from research, primary and/or secondary) to construct a running narrative about an issue. You would use image, picture, and audio to help tell this “story” or make an argument. Final Rubric: Project • There is an overall argument being made via the work as a whole that remains consistent and expressed via the works parts. This is often done both implicitly and explicitly. • If the project has isolated parts, each part tells a consistent narrative unto itself and is tied to the project’s overall argument. • The project makes clear its intended audience(s). This too is often done implicitly and explicitly. • The work conveys an overall purpose. It does not just make an argument but conveys the significance and/or goals the project seeks to accomplish. • The project pulls in at least 5 sources as support for its topic. At least 3 are academic/scholarly in nature. • The project incorporates its sources effectively given the genre: its expectations and conventions. • Risk Taking/Creativity: The project is one that posed a number of challenges, complications, or prompted the student to step outside of his/her comfort zone to complete. The project is one that many would not think of doing or combined information, research, or genre expectations in ways that are untraditional or innovative. The project resulted in you seeking out help and learning from others. (Much of this will be discussed in your reflection or through our planning discussion).

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