One century timeline of an Asian Religion

Religion is unquestionably a dynamic spiritual and political force in the world today. This class is designed to provide you with the understanding of the ancient foundations of Asian religions, their doctrinal and institutional developments, connection to political power, and continued significance in today’s global world.

To facilitate you achieving your learning goals, you are expected to write about a century of timeline of one Asian religion of your choice. – In order to do so, you need to choose one century from the historical chronology of the religious tradition of your choice, and then write a report on it. With supporting evidences from a minimum two academic sources (journal articles or books), you are expected not only to highlight dates, major events or figures, but also to analyze and explain how specific events within the religious tradition of your choice have had shaped the life of the adherents of the religion. Alternatively, you may want to explain what impacts have major events such as colonialism, cultural revolution, globalization, etc., had on our shared history. ***You are encouraged to use other sources such as books and journal articles (see Supplementary Resources above). In your report, you may include illustrations, images of major figures, texts or maps, but you need to explain why such materials are important and relevant. Normally, your report should be around five to seven double-spaced pages, excluding cover and bibliography pages.

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