Ottawa ankle rules

Critique of Assessment tool Assignment • 5 page maximum double space (cover page, reference list, and appendices are in addition to the 5 page maximum). • References should draw from a broad cross section of empirical and theoretic sources. They should be selected from current scholarly, peer-reviewed sources. • Follow APA (6th ed.) for format and references. PLEASE SELECT/CHOOSE ONE TOPIC FROM THE BELOW 6 ASSESSMENT TOOL AND FOLLOW THE ASSIGNMENT GUIDELINES OR DESCRIPTION. 1. Beck depression scale, 2. PQH-9 scale, 3. Framingham, 4. CHADs score, 5. Ottawa ankle rules, 6. 60 second diabetic foot screens. Assignment guidelines or description Description of tool 15% • Purpose of the tool • How is it used • Training • Population or group Review and critique of literature related the tool 25% • Development of tool. • Validation • Implementation • Supporting evidence Clinical application 25% • Critical thinking: bias, validation, impact of practice, impact on health • Supporting evidence Report on actual clinical application of tool 10% • Describe a clinical situation where the student used the tool • Critique the use of this tool in a primary care setting Sharing of tool with classmates 5% • Shares highlights of the tool in seminar, forum, or lab setting

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