Please follow directions or I will dispute! Please answer original

Please follow directions or I will dispute! 

Please answer original forum and respond to both students separately with a minimum of 100 words each.

page 1 original forum with references if needed

page 2 john response with references

page 3 thomas response with references 

Original Forum

 Before answering questions 2-6, please note the following: the weekly discussion assignments will guide you through the writing of your research paper, to allow you to begin working through the sections of your paper and receive feedback on it. This semester you are all going to be entrepreneurs. Pretend that you are planning to open your own business within the next year, and that you are writing your business plan. For your research paper, you will analyze the IT requirements for your proposed business and write a proposal for how you plan to meet the IT needs of your new company. Each week on the discussion board, you will have an activity related to your research paper. This is an opportunity for you to begin formulating ideas for your research paper and for you to receive constructive feedback from your peers and your instructor, as you develop your ideas.

For this week’s discussion, I would like everyone to decide what type of business you would like to open (the possibilities are endless, as long as it is legal, ethical, and non-offensive!) and tell us about your proposed business. You can choose any type of business, but you must have a minimum of 20 employees. After giving us a short description of your proposed business, you will begin analyzing the IT requirements of your business in light of what you have learned in your textbook readings this week, and you will begin to explore the role that IT will play in your business. 

2) Write a short description of your proposed business. What is the nature of your business? What type of product(s) or service(s) will your business offer? Be sure to give your business a name, so that I can list it in the list of approved topics!  🙂

3) In what ways will the information technology needs be different for upper management, middle management, operational management, and lower level employees (such as production and service workers, and data workers)? 

4) Identify the main business processes in your business. What types of business information systems will you need to efficiently run the various business processes of your business? 

5) What kinds of enterprise applications will your business require in order to coordinate and integrate the various business processes? 

6) How will you organize the information systems function of your business? Will you have one IT expert on staff, will you have an information systems department, or will you outsource the IT function? What will be the primary responsibilities of your IT expert or department? 

Student Response

 thomas Response

I am Thomas and my major is currently reverse logistics and maritime engineering. My Bachelor’s degree is in in Homeland Security. I served three years in the United Sates Marine Corps.  Currently I am serving in the United States Army as an active-duty senior supply specialist. I have been performing this job as a logistician for roughly thirteen years. My job consists of managing subordinates and conducting assessment to ensure polices, regulation, and standards are being upheld at all times. This class will be beneficiary to my maritime engineering degree. This class will also give me insight on how business will maneuver from an information systems and E business standpoint. There are a lot of things that I do for fun which are taking pictures, riding motorcycles, and attending sporting. Prof I have not been able to access the e-book/textbook all week for this course, However I did gain access to the eBook yesterday for the first time. The business I would like to propose Is a cleaning solution business residential and commercial. Hart Dynasty Cleaning Services will provide four different cleaning packages costumers can chose from. All rates are based on number of rooms, personal needed, and the level of care that is necessary to perform a great service thus leavening our customers satisfied. The highest level of information technology systems will be implemented at upper management, middle management, and operational management, and lower-level employees. Having various level of encryption will protect and safeguard employee’s personnel information as well as that of costumer. This data has to be kept secured at all times and ne er divulged without that person’s consent. I will use HART DYNASTY website to advertise and promote my business, schedule appointments, receive e-payments-payroll, background checks, and virtual tours of the customers property.  I will defiantly have an IT person on staff to ensure firewalls are in place and our servers can handle all of the data.

 John response


1) Hello everyone, I am John Tatom I am here at AMU to acquire my master’s in information technology.  My Bachelor’s degree was in Computer Science.  I am a Navy Veteran with 20 years of service, and I currently work for the Veterans Administration in Springfield, MO as the system administrator at the local clinic.  I hope to learn the skills and knowledge to one day run a area as a manager.  I have been able to access to course e-book. 

2) I had a company that I would love to expand on.  The previous name was Motat Computer Consulting, in my vision to expand I would like to rename it to “Motat Computer Solutions”.  With this new business I would be offering a complete technology package.  I would offer a complete backup and disaster recovery, network and customer support, accounting and finance, and custom applications for each facet of a company. 

3) Technology would be at the core of my business.  Upper management and middle management would have about the same needs for technology.  They will use management software to keep track of the employees and making sure that all projects are on time.  Operational management would need tech mostly for time keeping, payroll, and other human resource matters.  Lower-level employees will probably have the most intense tech.  They will be the ones needing to remote into computers, switches, routers.  They also would need to keep a status of our customers and the network up/down situation.  We would also need to keep the backups and disaster recovery data secure.  Another area would be for the programmers that would be assisting with the finance and applications for out companies. 

4) The main business process for the company would be the backup, recovery and computer support.  In order for the company to service we would need to have a Sales and Marketing division, Manufacturing and production, and a combined Human Resource for our employees 

5) This company would rely heavily on enterprise applications.  Data backup and recovery, network management and customer support, and company finance software.  These applications would be used by the lower-level employees to complete the projects for our customers.   

6) Information system functions would be split up between local and applications provided online.  All programming would be done in house and most network management processes would also be done inhouse.  Some items would be automated such as backups and system notifications for network down status.  Everything would be watched over by our senior management tech.  That person would be able to see what needs to be done on a daily basis and also be able to schedule for maintenance and upgrades.  After hour events would be handled by a managed systems company that would notify the senior tech of any major incidents. 

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