Research Project Draft Part 2: Theory and Application

Image of a book with charts coming out of it Image from Theoretical Framework A selected theory, model, or framework is chosen and discussed as it relates to the topic. The framework is the foundation that guides the research. One or two primary sources to explain the theoretical section is required. Application of Theory: The model or framework that was chosen must be supported by literature or research. Two sources is required to show how the selected theory has been applied in research. Length will vary and depends on complexity of the selected theory and explanation of literature that applies to the theory. Four to five pages is appropriate for this section. APA format is required. All written assignments must follow APA format. Drafts are works in progress. However it is expected that APA format will at least be attempted with draft assignments for feedback.

Final paper must be in correct APA format. This activity will be graded using the written assignment rubric. Resources: Please use the Module 5: Theory and Application (Think Tank) (Closes at end of Module 5) to discuss ideals and or share drafts. American Psychological Association (APA) Tutorial Research Proposal Example

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