Review your responses to the self-evaluation questions from the Learning


Review your responses to the self-evaluation questions from the Learning Guide.  For each of the five (5) categories below, describe in detail the social work best practices that you plan to utilize personally to improve your cultural competence skills and social work practice skills.  Please be reminded that related to the Learning Plan assignment, you were asked to consider a particular racial (USE AFRICAN AMERICANS), ethnic or oppressed population that you may need to learn more about (or have ideas about that may not be accurate) and address your learning/growth needs based on the selected population and the categories below. Please use the attached document to help support and use more detailed examples to support for each sub heading to support. 

  1. Open      Attitude
  2. Self-Awareness
  3. Awareness      of Others
  4. Cultural      Knowledge
  5. Cultural      Skills

It is to be written in paragraph form, using APA format.  Each of the five categories should be addressed under a separate sub-heading.  A reference page is required, with APA formatted citations.

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