Rhetorical analysis/criticism of a multi-modal text.

Upload your polished 2000-2500 word rhetorical analysis/criticism of a multi-modal text. Your chosen text may be any kind of multi-modal text; e.g., an image with words (such as an advertisement on a wall or in a magazine), a page on a website, a skit, a cartoon, a short video, or a scene from a television program, a movie, or a play. Come to an understanding of what you want to argue (i.e., develop a thesis). Describe the text you have chosen. Put it in a socio-historic context. Offer your thesis statement and a preview of what you are going to do in support of this thesis (i.e., the structure of your argument). For example, how will your rhetorical criticism unfold? Describe your text using the rhetorical categories we have been learning about: context, content, argument, purpose, audience, voice, tone, credibility, ethos, pathos, logos, warrant, rhetorical situation, etc.. Define your rhetorical terms and cite your sources (again, our course book authors are scholars you can cite). You may select two or more of these rhetorical concepts to focus on in your essay. Please do need not try to cover them all! Pick what seems the most relevant and useful for analysis. Be sure to describe each of these aspects of the multi-modal text, then analyze how each rhetorical concept is functioning, and be sure to evaluate the effectiveness, too. Tell the reader how the rhetoric is working; i.e., How is it functioning? How effective is it? and Why does this matter? You can discuss motive here, too. The rhetoric may be working to prop up or change the status quo. It may be functioning to motivate individuals to think, buy, or do something. How so? Is it for good or for ill? Why does this matter? Why should we care? This is the “so what” aspect of your essay. Include a conclusion which reiterates your thesis and key claims. Remember: draw from and cite our course texts (e.g., recent readings in SA & RW, etc.) to support your rhetorical criticism. Be sure to follow academic standards (e.g., craft a succinct thesis-driven essay, include evidence to back up your claims, include in-text citations and a works cited page). Please include the text or a link to the text that you have analyze

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