Scenario You are the CEO of Tech Log, a small


You are the CEO of Tech Log, a small startup technology company. You are beginning the expansion process and are wanting to hire a team. You recognize the team will need to have clear direction on the business mission, vision, and strategy. The strategy component that you think is most important to create and share with your team is your innovation strategy. Being in the technology industry, being innovative is critical to the organization’s success and longevity.


You will write a plan that describes ways the company can be designed to be innovative. You will need to address structure, strategy, diversity and inclusion, communication, and collaboration. The following should be in your innovation plan/strategy:

  • Explanation of how the company will be designed and structured to be innovative.
  • Explanation of the leadership traits, skills, and styles that should be used to create an atmosphere that allows for innovation.
  • How innovation impacts organizational success.
  • Diversity and inclusion’s role in organizational innovation.

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