Service Marketing

 Answer the following question using essay format: Focusing on one element of the extended marketing mix, evaluate the significance for services of either:1. People 2. Process 3. Physical evidence -Discuss the ways that businesses manage this element for value creation. -Ensure that your answer uses a range of examples. -Obviously, when talking about one of element you will be bringing the other two elements in the discussion but the focus should be on one element. For instance, if you are discussing “people” then your essay should show that you are aware that people element of extended marketing mix includes different types of people (employees, customer, other customers). -To illustrate your key points (ideas), you should compare and contrast different services. In some cases it might be relevant to compare services from the same sector but most often it will be more fruitful to compare services from two completely different sectors. For instance, to illustrate that a particular physical evidence might be judged differently in different service contexts, you might discuss how clean premises are very important in the case of hairdresser but perhaps not so important in the case of car repair shop. -The essay requires that you demonstrate understanding of the reasons for the use of the extending marketing mix for services through discussion of the element chosen, and the relevant academic discussion. We will discuss a range of examples of services businesses throughout the course so it is expected that you will be able to use a range of relevant examples.

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