Strategy should only ever develop from detailed rational planning

Please using relevant theories, concepts and real-world examples, critically discuss the following statement: ‘Strategy should only ever develop from detailed rational planning’.

The assignment should: 1.Begin with a clear and concise introduction that addresses the topic under investigation, interprets the basic premise of the debating statement, and outlines the aims and the structure of the assignment; 2.Provide a balanced and detailed answer to the statement. Try to avoid simply describing phenomena and instead seek to analyse, challenge and critique the ideas you are discussing. In this assignment you are engaging with one of the key debates in the strategy field, and it is important to demonstrate that you are able to consider competing perspectives on the validity of the claim that is being made. You should also make use of real world examples of strategy in practice to substantiate your discussion. 3.

You should finish with a robust and persuasive conclusion that summarizes the arguments that have been made and then offers a final ‘response’ to the statement. In this case, do you agree with the statement? Things need to be considered: •The topic should be broadly defined – distinguishing those approaches that preference a rational planned approach to strategy (planning, portfolio, positioning) and those that advocate a more adaptive, responsive mode (emergent, core competence, value innovation). •It is not enough just to reproduce the planned vs emergent debate – the question is broader than this. •Successfully completing this assignment requires that you read widely around the subject and draw on a wide number of sources to substantiate your discussion. •The depth of your knowledge of theory needs to be greater and broader when answering this question (the trade-off for not having to undertake data collection on an industry or organization) but you are still expected to use examples to support your discussion •You ARE permitted to draw on the examples explored in the module but independently sourced examples show far more creativity.

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