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Summary: Instructions: As acting quality engineer, you have been asked


Instructions: As acting quality engineer, you have been asked to prepare a control plan for a customer that requires the following specifications:

A.     Inside diameter          1.673 +/- 0.001 inches

B.     Outside diameter       3.562 +/- 0.005 inches

C.     Thickness                    0.875 +/- 0.0005 inches 

Characteristic A is considered to be of major importance, meaning that if not held to the specification tolerance there is some risk that product failure will occur.

Characteristic B is also of major importance.

Characteristic C is considered to be a critical characteristic, meaning that if not help to specified tolerance there will definitely be failure.

You have examined the capability of the process and can conclude the following:

Characteristic A has a Cpk of 1.21

Characteristic B has a Cpk of 1.93

Characteristic C has a Cpk of 1.93

In a single Word document, minimum 3 full pages (not including cover page, citations, and appendices), using appropriate APA,

  1. Describe your control plan and the logic for how you developed your ideas. 
  2. Additionally, detail how this plan should be communicated to the organization. 
  3. Discuss how an improvement team could be utilized and where they should start by formulating a clear statement of the problem, decide who should collect the data, determine an appropriate sampling method, and what additional quantitative methods can be used to benchmark current process and measure improvement after implementing continuous improvement actions. 

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