Summary- Women’s work and Chicano Families.

Patricia Zavella. 1987. Women’s work and Chicano Families. Cornell University Press. P xi-17, 69-71, 130-161. • Stone, Pamela. Opting out?: Why women really quit careers and head home. Univ of California Press, 2007.. If there is more than one reading in your assignment, you want to write a single summary about both pieces. The pieces usually speak to each other, however in the second and third paragraphs (see below) you are welcome to focus on the piece that interests you most. Instructions for writing a summary Summaries should be about 1 single spaced page, approximately three paragraphs. The first paragraph must contain the following information: • Author and title (Eg. Dorothy Roberts, Killing the Black Body) • One sentence on the topic of the piece (eg. Roberts looks at how we have treated Black motherhood historically). • One sentence on the data used, or about what is used instead of data (e.g. Roberts uses a wealth of legal cases, but it is not clear what her sampling method is). • One sentence on a central concern or main argument (e.g. Roberts argues that as a society we have denigrated Black motherhood and blamed Black poverty on Black women’s fertility). • One aspect of the article that struck you. It does not have to be something the author cared about or made central; this is about what struck you. Use the second paragraph to elaborate on some example of the author’s analysis. For example, Roberts has a typology of the images of African American women we as a society hold. You don’t have the opportunity to summarize the whole piece if you only get three paragraphs, and I’d suggest focusing on an example that you found either convincing or unconvincing. Your final paragraph should contain some discussion, including any connections you can make between the reading and the course questions or section topic (e.g., does this piece make you think there is a united feminist movement?). It is fairly easy to get a pass; you only need to follow the above instructions, convince me that you read the piece, and get the author’s argument mostly right. To get a high pass, your description of the reading needs to be accurate, and your final paragraph has to be interesting and intelligent. Over time, you should be developing your own arguments on a set of issues you care about.

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