“The NFL Protests Are Patriotic”

Your response should include elements such as follow up questions, further exploration of topics from the initial post, or requests for further clarification or explanation on some points made by the classmates. My main response: The audience is every single American because every person of the nation should realize how important it is to have an opinion and to stand for it. The purpose of the “The NFL Protests Are Patriotic” is to show that protests do not make a country weaker. Just the opposite, protests are the means that lead a country to its progress. Protests are the power that allows a country to develop and to achieve prosperity. The content lists numerous crucial protests in American history which have contributed to the development of the country. It also focuses on racism which still remains a problem in America. The mood is patriotic; it urges ordinary people to participate more actively in solving social issues. Every American has a responsibility to his or her country. The style of the writer is persuasive, as he tries to convince his audience how important protests actually are. Protests are the basis of almost every crucial change that takes part in America. The structure is easy to follow. It starts with an introduction presenting the contemporary situation in America. Then, there is a slight retrospection which shows the important role protests have always played in American history. Classmate 1 response:the intended audience for John Legends speech are supporters of Donald Trump and people who do not understand that protesting is the peoples way of peacefully and publicly voicing their opinions to reach as many people as possible.  the purpose for the speech was to show supporters of Donald Trump that even though he claims to be patriotic, many of his actions don’t actually evoke feelings of patriotism. The content featured multiple examples of people protesting peacefully for changes that at the time we desperately needed which give support to John’s statement that the NFL protests are patriotic and as a result in the best interest of the country. The mood was very educational and uplifting, the examples he provided leave little chance that people who read or hear his speech will think of the NFL protests as anything other than in the best interests of the country. The style of the essay was informative in order to give an argument, show his side, and convince others why his side was the correct one. The speech was structured very linearly, he gave his argument, supported it with multiple examples and then ended with his own opinion of the protests. Classmate 2 response: For someone like myself who needed a better explanation and a deeper in take as to why these football stars were not standing for the National anthem. At first, them taking a knee could seem unpatriotic, but after reading this article it actually seems very patriotic. To get word out that this taking a knee protest is a good thing, and the people doing it have good reason. And just like other protests have changed the way we live today, they hope this helps as well. There was a lot of influential historical facts in this content, which made it more easy to understand the reasons why this is or could be patriotic, coming from an unbiased opinionated state. It was very informative because the current and past history it discussed, and a little bit of persuasive; to try and persuade the audience that this is a good protest. Even the author himself said if he played football he would be a part of taking a knee. The style was a peaceful informative paper, that focused on relating old and new protests and all the changes they have caused. The writer talked about the present and the past, but it all related back to the main point or message.

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