To what extent can biological concepts and categories be extended to

The paper must be four pages, double-spaced, 12 pt Times New Roman font. must use at least three of the sources listed below. You must cite them along with the relevant page numbers. Feel free to go beyond these sources as need be, but please include any additional sources used in a bibliography. Erwin Schrödinger, What is Life? 1944. Richard Burkhardt, “Lamarck, Evolution, & the Inheritance of Acquired Characters.” 2013. Piers J. Hale, Political Descent. 2015. Ernst Mayr, “What Was the Evolutionary Synthesis.” 1993. John Maynard-Smith, “The Concept of Information in Biology.” 2000. Francis Galton, Hereditary Genius. 1869. these will be posted as additional documents prompt: To what extent can biological concepts and categories be extended to humans? How, specifically, have the biological concepts of the inheritance of acquired characteristics, Malthusian limits, natural selection, and genetic information been used in reference to human behavior and heredity? What are some reasons why thinking of humans in the same way that we think of other animals might be unproductive? In what spheres might thinking of humans as “just another animal” make sense and lead to the progress of knowledge? Historically, what have been some of the results of extending biological concepts and categories to humans?

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