Verification plan

Use provided project. Project is not implementable due to coding and infrastructure needs. Verification plan must be done in a “what if” format and describe what would be done if the project WERE implementable. Sections to be completed: I. Introduction: Present an overview of the problem that the project addressed, the significance this project has, and objectives that the project should have met. Much of this can be taken from the project proposal submitted but include any necessary alterations or adjustments that may need to be made.

The aim of this section is to provide context to the rest of the project closure document so that the audience can critically evaluate the completed project and provide feedback. II. Verification Plan: A verification plan will provide an organized way to conduct verification of the system, which can be done through execution of formal test cases that exercise the functionality and performance of the system. It can also include obtaining verbal feedback through focus groups, usability testing of prototypes, and other means. The following sections should be included: a) Feedback Plan: Construct a comprehensive plan for showcasing the F-Secure system and collecting feedback from stakeholders. Explain what will be presented as regular artifacts of the system to the stakeholders so feedback can be obtain. The stakeholders from whom feedback must be collected will vary depending on the IT issues addressed. b) Criteria: Establish the criteria will be used to determine whether or not the feedback received is relevant and actionable. c) Test Cases: In this section, describe how testing the implemented project would be done to ensure it fulfilled all requirements and that the promised objectives/functionality were met.

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