What is the function of updating the time period in which Van Sant’s

2. What is the function of updating the time period in which Van Sant’s Psycho is set? Explain how the new setting either does or does not bring anything new to original film. Explain the function of the time period to the overall narrative as part of your answer.

3. Does Gus Van Sant’s Psycho alter the gender dynamics presented in Hitchcock’s original film? Does it offer a more positive representation of women and/or men? Less positive? Explain.

4. Gus Van Sant is an openly gay director who has made several films that engage explicitly with queer themes and storylines. Critics disagree on whether or not Van Sant set out to deliberately “queer” Psycho in his remake. Provide an analysis of one way in which you think Van Sant’s Psycho provides access to a queer subtext and explain whether or not this subtext also exists in Hitchcock’s original film. 

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