Why do some neighborhoods expose residents to factors that are


Determine if you currently live in a rural/suburban or urban neighborhood *I live in a suburban neighborhood*. Brainstorm neighborhood features that could have positive or negative impacts on health in your neighborhood. Features may influence health directly or indirectly. For example, health benefits associated with local parks are exercise and community interaction. Identify two neighborhood features and at least one positive and one negative health impact for each neighborhood feature identified (four (4) health impacts total Watch the place matters video (https://ashford.mediaspace.kaltura.com/media/Unnatural+CausesA+Place+Matters/0_wzsffbze). Consider the following questions as you watch the film: When we think about the environment, we usually think about air pollution, water quality, or toxic waste. What other things in our neighborhood environments might also affect our health? How does the film support or contradict the idea that the neighborhood factors you listed in the Neighborhood Features Table harm or promote health? What other factors could you add? Why do some neighborhoods expose residents to factors that are protective of health, while others expose residents to factors that can threaten their health? What public policy and private investment decisions have shaped the two neighborhoods in the film? What could be done to improve these neighborhoods in the future so they better promote residents’ health and wellbeing?

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